Red and the Wolf


Date Posted: May 19th, 2018, 10:00 pm

Author Notes


Awwww. What an ending, my heart. The dramatic reveal of magic and curse during the colored sections, and then the heartbreaking end with all her tears was so impactful. But all the slice-of-life feeling sections trying to make the wolf human were so cute and funny. Each one was cuter than the last, and it was just my whole jam. I really enjoyed it all, thanks for making and posting. Oh, also the design of the website really adds to the comic as well.
@permadead: Aw thank you so much lovey!! This was just a musing for class but I'm so glad that you liked it ^-^ It's so different from the other comics that I do, that it's so refreshing! Don't you just love pacing changes??
@Lady Lu-san: Yeah, I feel pacing changes, done well of course, add a lot of depth and a sense of renewal to something. I like when stories let us see a lot of different sides of a character, and different sides of life.
Well, your characters are introduced, and as "Little Red" goes through her list of Solutions ons to attempt she seems to be drawn less cute and more mature. As if they are growing up together. At first He seems rather angry and as he experiences her attempt to hep, becomes safter and less stiff in his stance, but the changes show that you are a fully bloomed story teller.
Thank you so much for this heart touch, of your story. I really hope he appreciates everything you have done for him.
Well, as you introduce your characters we come to know them, but they change through the story.
As "Little Red" attempts to make the Hunter human again, she seems to grow and mature, as shown by her being drawn as more human herself, more mature. They are drawn as if they were growing up together.
At the story start, she seems to be confused and He seems rather angry, but as he experiences her trying to help him, he seems to transition to a softer, more mannered wolf, polite as any Gentlewolf of the peerage! And he seems to fall in love with her, bringing her tea and helping to plan the garden. Thank you so much for this heart touch story. It confirms your place with the real comic artists, and story tellers. The Grimm brothers would be proud.