Red and the Wolf


Date Posted: May 1st, 2018, 9:27 am

Author Notes

Hello! This is a short zine I'm doing for my comics class final project. It follow the story of a girl cloaked in red and a hunter turned into a wolf. Two things you need to know
The colored pages are how they met
The black and white pages are ridiculous attempts to turn the Wolf back to a human!
Enjoy as I go along


@Lady Lu-san: The color choices are really pleasing but still energized. I love the pink on the nose and eyes and the bright shinies and how the green of her eyes pops out. Her expressions are also very cute and distinct, and the flow of the page and ominous wolf works really well.
I see that she is gathering Aminita. Good choice for a witch. I hope she can use it to good effect.